Areas of Expertise
International and constitutional law
African Human Rights
Legal Ethics
Prof Luis G Franceschi
Dean of SLS
LLB (UCAB), LLM (UON), LLD (Navarra)
Prof Luis G Franceschi holds an LL.B (UCAB), LL.M (Nairobi) and LL.D (Navarre) with a Cum Laude thesis on The African Human Rights Judicial System: A Proposal for Streamlining Structures and Domestication Mechanisms Viewed from the Foreign Affairs Power Perspective. He has been a Constitutional, International and Civil Law lecturer. He is chairman of the Board of the Ethics Institute of East Africa and chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Annual Ethics Conferences since 2004. He is also chairman of A.L.L. Foundation and an adjunct faculty member at Strathmore Business School. He has published more than a dozen peer reviewed articles and books on topics relating to law and ethics.

He has been a Governing Council Delegate (Governing Council – UNEP and UNCHS) and the Legal Advisor to the President of the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme, where he co-drafted the UN Nairobi Declaration. He was also a Country Representative at the 7th and the 4th Global Training Program on Environmental Law & Policy (United Nations Environment Program – 2005 and 1999 respectively). He is a certified ISO auditor.

Prof Franceschi is also a Member of the team of experts Peer Reviewers of the Council of Legal Education (Kenya) and a Consultant for the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs, the Constitution Implementation Commission, the National Cohesion Commission and the National Economic and Social Council (Office of the President), where he was a founding member of the National Values Committee.

Prof Franceschi has been a speaker at more than 300 fora, stakeholders’ workshops, law and leadership conferences and training programmes organised throughout the world. He likes mountain climbing expeditions and has reached Point Lenana on Mt Kenya at 5000 Meters ASL (5 times), Uhuru Peak on Kilimanjaro at 5895 Meters ASL, and the Rwenzori Mountains circuit (Uganda-Congo). He speaks English and Spanish, and reads Italian and Portuguese.

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