Areas of Expertise
Land Law
Environmental Law
Dr Elizabeth Gachenga
Senior Lecturer
LLB (UON), LLM (UON), PhD (Sydney)
Dr Elizabeth Gachenga is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya who holds a Bachelor of Laws anda Masters in Environmental Law from the University of Nairobi and a doctorate from the University of Western Sydney. She conducted her doctoral research on integration of customary law systems in statutory frameworks of water governance for sustainable development.Elizabeth has held research assistant positions as well as lectured and tutored in corporate and business law in Strathmore University, Kenya and at the University of Western Sydney. She has also workedas faculty manager in Strathmore University and as a legal assistant and knowledge management consultant for Hamilton Harrison and Matthews, Kenya.
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Co-edited Book

  1. GACHENGA E, FRANCESCHI L G, AKECH-MIGAI, LUTZ D (editors) Governance, Institutions and the Human Condition (Lawafrica 2009)

Peer Reviewed Articles

  1. GACHENGA E, ‘Governing the Commons and Customary Law Systems for Sustainable Natural Resource Governance: A Case of the Marakwet’ in Robson James P et al (ed), Remembering Elinor Ostrom: Her Work and its Contribution to the Theory and Practice of Conservation and Sustainable Natural Resource Management, Policy Matters, Issue 19, CEESP and IUCN, pp 57-68 (2014)
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Research Report

  1. GACHENGA E, ‘Status of Biotechnology and Biosafety Policies & Laws in COMESA Countries’ Report presented at the Regional Workshop on Development of a Biotech/Biosafety Communication Strategy for the COMESA Region (2008) 

Best Graduate Student Paper Award for the 2013 IUCN Environmental Law Academy Colloquium, 24th -28th June 2013, Waikato, New Zealand

Field Work Grant from Norwegian Agency for Cooperation and Development (NORAD) 2010-2011

Water and Sanitation Sensitization Community Outreach Project for Rural Women in Sambalat, Grant from Brazafric 2010


CPA Finalist

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