Apr 27, 2013

The ICC in Kenya: A Blessing or a Curse?

The Strathmore Auditorium was on Friday the 24th of April the venue of a heated debate on the role of the ICC. 

The SLS debate attracted such important guests as the Attorney General of the Republic, Hon. Githu Muigai, Atsango Chesoni from Kenya Human Rights Commission and the ICC’s representative of the victims in the Ruto and Sang case, Mr. Wilfred Nderitu. Via video link from The Hague were also Phakiso Mochochoko and Shamiso Mbizvo, both from the Office of the ICC Prosecutor.
The moderator of the debate, Bettina Ambach, of the Wayamo Foundation, took the seven guests through a series of points in order to elicit debate. The discussion reached its climax when the question of whether the Kenya government had been cooperating with the ICC in these cases was brought up.

While the representatives of the Office of the Prosecutor reiterated that it expects more from Kenya as a State Party, the Attorney General, on behalf of the government, held an opposing view: He made it clear that Kenya as a country was not a party to the cases at The Hague.
Instead, Hon. Muigai also stated that these cases are against individuals, not the government. Exchanges between the Prosecution and the Defence should therefore have nothing to do with the Government of Kenya. Having said this, the AG went on to State that even so, Kenya has been cooperating with the ICC, more so as regards the production of evidence. In fact, he was unaware of any other country cooperating with the ICC as much as Kenya does.
All in all, the debate proved to be an enlightening one, as each side got to explain itself, much to the benefit of all present. It was reported by all media houses.

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