Jun 12, 2014

Dr. Horst Köhler on Africa’s Rising

Strathmore University was privileged to host the former president of the Federal Republic of Germany – His Excellency Horst Köhler. The seminar revolving around the African developmental theme captured the attention of many, drawing students from various faculties.

 Even though the African transformation agenda has been a hotly debated concern, much is yet to be seen resonating from the discussions- his Excellency addressed. Having been the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (1998 – 2000), Dr Köhler vehemently expressed the involvement of the rule of law, functionality of institutions, macroeconomic stability- fair and efficient tax system among others as efficacies which ought to be upheld.

His Excellency Dr Köhler stressed that although Africa must take charge of its future; this endeavour ought not to be lead by confusion between continental sovereignty and an unchecked autonomy.


Emphatically, he spoke of the importance of African states working hand in hand with their trade partners, referencing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty negotiations between the United States and the European Union. This however, ought to take into account the common good of the international community, and demand environmental accountability- he tells.


As the former head of the International Monetary Fund (2000 – 2004), he addressed with clout the existence of capital flow which robs Africa of an approximated annual income of 50 billion USD. On his account; corruption, unclear national tax codes, as well as compliance and cooperation on a global scale must be keenly looked into.


 Echoing that a business cannot succeed in a society that fails, the speaker of the day reminded the youths of the role they must play in securing a future for the African continent.


“Success is not so much the product of luck but the result of effort and taking responsibility.” HE .Dr Horst Kohler


Written by:

Christopher Ndegwa   (3rd Year SLS) and Jacklyne Betty (4th Year student Actuary IFoA)

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