Sep 13, 2014

Strathmore’s Art-Heritage and Debate Clubs hold a concert on The African Heritage House

Strathmore University's Art-Heritage and The Debate clubs held a concert to raise awareness on The African Heritage House.


The households the largest collection of remarkable African art in Kenya. The contents have been amassed from different countries across the continent by Mr. Allan Donovan, and most of which have now become obsolete. This brilliant piece of history is in jeopardy of being demolished in order to make way for the upcoming railway line purported to stretch to Mombasa.


The event kicked off with Kenya Aeronautical College performing a traditional dance that sparked the audience’s energy; possible upcoming artist, Acoustic Kish, presented a wonderful medley on the strings; that combined melodies from the guitar and violin leaving the crowd in awe. The graceful Ruri Sambili blew the audience away with a wonderful solo that embodied the principles of unity and history, echoing the spirit behind the entire event. Mr. Ayub Ogada then graced the stage performing a wonderful piece on his nyatiti lyre. These were some of the amazing pieces performed on the day. The sessions did not only give artists a platform to showcase their creative talents, but they also gave guests a chance to have one-on-one interaction with them.


The day ended with a great debate on saving African Heritage that saw students from Strathmore University, Jomo Kenyatta University, USIU and Kenya School of Law battle it out. USIU emerged as the winners.


If anyone ever questioned Kenya's presence in the art scene; artists, art lovers, and champions of heritage put that question to rest, by supporting the event and in turn The African Heritage House.


Art, through whichever medium, highly contributes to educating us on history.




Sharon W. Mucheke

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