Oct 16, 2014

CIPIT to Host Research Fellows for Information Control Systems

The Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology law (CIPIT) will host research fellows for the information control systems under Open Technology Fund. CIPIT centre which is under Strathmore Law School, is among nine other leading global research institutes working on improving information access and open societies.


Open Technology Fund (OTF) utilizes public funds to support Internet freedom projects that develop open and accessible technologies, promoting human rights and open societies.


In an era where internet has become a crucial platform for freedom of expression and exchange of ideas and information, the ‘freedom’ is often monitored by the government through government repression. This repression creates limitations for individuals to fully take advantage of the communication platform that the internet has become. In response to this, OTF was started in 2012 to promote global internet freedom and fight online censorship. Through the research conducted during this period, in the different parts of the world, OTF hopes to find a solution to this gruesome problem and consequently setting internet users free to explore the internet opportunities provided.


For more information on any available future opportunities visit CIPIT or OTF websites.


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