Mar 2, 2015

Dr Chris Ogbechie on Creating a Personal Brand; Law School Visit

Dr Chris Ogbechie

Today’s job market needs dynamic, assertive and communicative individuals in addition to the traditional educational qualifications, which means that new entrants have to brand themselves to meet employer demands. This is the message that Dr Chris Ogbechie a first class Mechanical Engineering Degree graduate, an MBA holder from Manchester Business School, as well as a PhD graduate in Business Administration from Brunel Business School in the UK, brought to a captive audience in Strathmore Law School.


To put into context about the efficacy of personal branding, Dr. Ogbachie shed light on the competitive market surrounding lawyers, moreover emphasizing on the importance of distinguishing ones’ self from the crowd so as to ensure that one remains marketable.


Dr. Ogbechie used his illustrious career in the corporate world as Head of Marketing/Sales at Nestle Nigeria and later Director of First bank Sustainability Centre, Chairman- Lagos Business School, and one of the Directors at Diamond Bank Place to exemplify the verity of staying relevant to the market. Graduates can do this by identifying key values and attributes that are unique to them, developing a brand statement from their values and projecting this statement in everything they do. Doing this not only improves one’s self-understanding, but also differentiates you from your peers and finally attracts positive interest in your abilities.


Branding is not an end in itself, since apart from understanding one’s self as a product and understanding the marketplace, one should endeavour to increase their market value and capably adjust to market trends. Therefore with the illustration of the law industry, one is encouraged to keep up with the emerging trends in the law market so as to be up to date with it, thus increasing their value and consequently their demand.


 Dr. Ogbechie’s colourful array of bowties that he says add to his personal brand, connotes that a personal touch in the market place, can be the key in unlocking myriad successes.


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