Mar 2, 2015

Law Students Litigation Council Present Research Papers on Women Rights

During the Conference

The Strathmore Litigation Council students’ got a rare opportunity to present research papers on Women Rights at the Judicial Discourse on Human Rights Adjudication conference. They focused on the Role of International Law and National Constitution conference. The Conference, a joint effort by Katiba Institute, Judicial Training Institute and Equality Now was the home of heated discussion on humanitarian laws. The event took place at the Judicial Training Institute, with the objective of training judges and legal practitioners on the adjudication of human rights instruments.


The Conference ran from 17th to 20th of February focussing on the following topics: Feminist Legal Theorizing, Gender & Culture in Judicial Decision Making, Women Land and Property Rights, Women and Political Participation, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights among other captivating topics. On the afternoon of 20th February, the students presented their papers before Professor Michelo Hansungule from the Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria, Professor Sylvia Tamale from Makerere University and from the Kenyan Bar- Senior Counsel Joyce Majiwa. Students amazed the audience with their detailed presentations, which traversed from: The Right to ‘Positive’ Cultural Context, Analyzing adherence of Malawi to the Maputo Protocol, Equality before the Law, to The Legality of Reservations by State Parties to Legal Instruments.


In attendance were various high profile judges, lawyers, people in academia, and world-renown professionals who were celebrated for their remarkable achievements. The various international and regional instruments were discussed with a particular interest on the Maputo Protocol- a focus on the rights of women in Africa in relation to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.


The comments and feedback were very positive. Prof. Hansungule for instance, admitted that he was pleasantly surprised that undergraduate students could be that eloquent and interesting in tackling the various issues related to the Maputo Protocol. To this, it was concluded that admittedly, Strathmore Law School’s learning environment and staff have had immense constructive influence on the students.


The Conference was a great chance for networking and the students interacted extensively with lawyers, judges and people in academia from all over the continent.

Strathmore Students Litigation Council did us proud. Kudos on this commendable achievement!

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