Sep 10, 2015

Havard speaks on a leadership model to help professionals grow in virtue and lead effectively

Strathmore Law School recently hosted Mr. Alexandre Havard, the author of Virtuous Leadership. In this compelling read, he sets out a leadership model to help professionals grow in virtue and lead effectively.

In his lecture to the second year law class, he spoke about this leadership model by stating that the character of human beings is molded by four cardinal virtues, namely: prudence, courage, self-control and justice. The gist of the lecture though, was on two additional virtues, magnanimity and humility; that go towards moulding one to be a virtuous leader, these are. The former refers to the virtue of greatness, vision, youth, hope and action. The latter refers to the ability to know that magnanimity is a divine gift that should be cherished and appreciated.

Mr. Havard mostly explained that magnanimous people dream about great things, and put action to these dreams citing examples of the late Martin Luther King Junior of the United States and Nelson Mandela as great examples of such people. He argued that through magnanimity leaders are able to see greatness in others. He simply put it as being able to ‘break the stone to get the diamond’.

He ended the lecture by speaking on how humility is related to magnanimity. He pointed out that magnanimity, in all its greatness, is a divine gift. Acknowledging it is a gift, and therefore giving glory back to the one that gave the gift, is humility. Mr. Havard emphasized that these two cannot be separated, and the two of them, together with the four cardinal virtues above are what make a leader virtuous and exemplary.

His book, Virtuous Leadership is available in the University Bookshop at the Students’ Centre.

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