Aug 24, 2016

Professor Claus Kreß delivers a powerful lecture on the International Crime of Aggression

Prof. Kreß delivering the lecture

On 21st July 2016, Professor Claus Kress delivered an informative lecture on ‘The International Crime of Aggression’ to a mixed audience of law students, lecturers, and key civil society actors. The event was held at the Strathmore Business School auditorium.


Kreß is a professor at the University of Cologne and is an expert on international criminal law, international humanitarian law, and human rights. He also serves as Director of the Institute for International Peace and Security Law at the University of Cologne. He has represented Germany in state negotiations regarding the International Criminal Court since 1998, and in 2014, he was awarded the M.C. Bassiouni Justice Award for ‘outstanding academic service to international criminal law.’ Prof. Kreß has a distinguished record of more than 150 publications which cover both Criminal and Public International Law with an emphasis on the International Law on the Use of Force, the Law of Armed Conflicts and International Criminal Law.


His lecture at Strathmore shed light on the long journey to the diplomatic breakthrough  on the definition of the crime of aggression achieved in Kampala, Uganda in 2010, explained the key elements of the definition of the crime and discussed a number of key issues of legal policy surrounding the crime of aggression. He also addressed the current status of the crime of aggression, which under the amendments to the Rome Statute, can only be activated after January 2017 if and when State parties decide that they wish to activate the Court’s exercise of jurisdiction over aggression. Such a decision would constitute a quantum leap in the landscape of international criminal justice.


Prof. Kreß was joined in a panel discussion on the subject by Ms. Evelyn Asaala, and Ms. Jerusha Asin, lecturers at the University of Nairobi and Strathmore Law School respectively. Ms. Asaala provided an African context to the discussion on the crime of Aggression by considering its provision under the controversial Malabo Protocol of 2014. Ms. Asin gave a counter-narrative to the discussions by contrasting law and state practice from Nuremberg to date and interrogating the prospects of the International Criminal Court to successfully investigate and prosecute this crime at this time of its evolutionary development.  

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