Ph.D, Journalism & Public Communication, Post-graduate in biological sciences, Master of Arts in Advanced Writing and Literature, Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies

Arielle Emmett is an internationally published journalist, editor, and teacher.  She is a US Fulbright Scholar, Kenya (2018-2019)  whose research topic is “China in Africa:  Labor, Culture, and Legal Disputes in a Baptism of Fire.”   At Strathmore University, Dr. Emmett is teaching research methods and legal writing.  She specializes in online media, photography, and science/technology topics.

  • Doctoral Dissertation: “Haunting Images: Differential Perception and Emotional Response to the Archetypes of News Photography – A Study of Visual Reception by Gender and Expertise.
    • Nominated by Philip Merrill College of Journalism for Distinguished Dissertation of the Year (2011), University of Maryland.
  • Other papers:
    • First Prize, 2009, Visual Communications Division, International Communications Association (ICA), for paper: “Pictures of a Floating World: The Philadelphia Inquirer Seeks a Communications Calling in Cyberspace.” 
      • Published in Visual Communication Quarterly (Vol 17, No. 4, 2010).
    • Third Prize, Journalism history division, AEJMC, August. 2010, for paper: “Women & Children of the Santa Anita Race Track:  Japanese-American internment through the lens of Clem Albers & the War Relocation Authority, 1942.”
    • Published as “Silent Soliloquy: An Unknown Photographer Chronicles the ‘Inscrutable Laughter’ of Japanese American Internment” Visual Communication Quarterly, June 2013.
  • “Transnational Higher Education (TNE) in China: Geographic Distribution, Anomalies, and Models of Operation,” by Ying Chan, Dean Emerita, Univ. of Hong Kong Journalism & Media Studies Centre, and Arielle Emmett, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor.  Published Eastern Digest, February 2015
Other conference papers:  
    • Universitas Padjadjaran, Fikom/MacConference December 6, 2016:  “Notes from the Echo Chamber:  Media and the US Election of 2016” (Bandung, Indonesia).
    • ICA 2011 (Boston): “Haunting Images: Differential Perception and Emotional Response to the Archetypes of News Photography – A Study of Visual Reception by Gender and Expertise.”  Presented May 30, 2011.
    • ICA 2010 (Singapore):  “Toward a Unified Theory of Cognitive Aesthetic Processing.” 
Research interests: 
  • Chinese censorship, media, and human rights: impact on Hong Kong and financial markets.
  • Transnational and Media Literacy Education in the U.S. and China: issues and opportunities
  • East-West integrative medicine; Chinese mental health; public health.
  • Public and private impact of iconic news photography and image archetypes.
  Books (Partial List)
  • Revolt of the Ants: A Director’s Life Through Six Decades of Theatre &  Politics,  by Nathalie Donnet (Xlibris, 2004); developmental editor. Republished in Chinese by Peking University Press, 2016.
  • Wireless Data for the Enterprise: Making Sense of Wireless Business (McGraw-Hill, 2001), 
  • Butterfly Dream (Feature Film script, Independent Feature Project), 1998.
  • Direct Connections (New American Library, 1986): co-author
  • Nursing Pharmacology (3rd edition), developmental editor; Springhouse Corp. 1990:            
  • Applied Science Series, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Physicsdevelopmental editor, Springhouse Corp, 1994.            .             
MAGAZINE ARTICLES (see Google Scholar; Google www.arielleemmett.com)  
  • More than 100 articles and citations in Google Scholar; 200+ articles and book citations in Google
  • Smithsonian.com:  Saving Face: How One Pioneering Surgeon is Pushing the Limits of Facial Transplants December 9, 2016). See: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/how-one-pioneering-surgeon-pushing-limits-face-transplants-180961351/
  • Smithsonian Air & SpaceAirbus Lands in Alabama. June 2016.  See http://www.airspacemag.com/flight-today/airbus-in-mobile-180959124/
§  Business North Carolina:  Short Stopper May 1 2016 (see http://businessnc.com/nc-higher-education-short-stopper) Electric Avenue: Vehicle-Charging Stations Remain Scarce in North Carolina, but a Surge May Be Nearing, January 1 2016.  Renewables in NC:  Let the Sun Shine In (scheduled January 1 2017). §  Caixin English: “Go Anywhere but Here,” October 18 2011;  “The Chinese Glass Menagerie.” §   Wall St. Journal MarketWatch:  “The Glass Menagerie in Present-Day China” (2/29/2012)
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  • “Too Graphic?”  Spring 2010
  • “Handheld Headlines” August/September 2008
  • “Whetting the Appetite for Storytelling” December/January 2008
  • “Networking News,” December/January 2009.
             The Scientist   41 cover stories and features, 1991-2001.  Highlights:
  • “The Human Genome Project” (2000)
  •  “Scientists Seek Sense of Balance” (2001)
  •  “The State of BioInformatics” (2000)
  •  “Biotech Start-ups” (2000)
  • “Chinese Scientists Put Technology Ventures on the Map” (1999).
  • MIT Technology Review
  •   “Where East Does Not Meet West” (Chinese medicine: October 1993)
  •  “Simulations on Trial” (1994)                           
  • Parents:  “Genetic Counseling” (1989)
  • Seattle Weekly:  “The Chekhov of China” (1981)
  • Saturday Review: “Can I get a Witness”  (1984); “The Secret Life of Luigi Pirandello”  (1985)
  • OMNI:  “Death by Anesthesia”  (1980); Ms.: “Vitamin Cures” (1975)
  • More than 300 articles appearing in Philadelphia Inquirer, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, Globe & Mail (Toronto), Detroit Free Press, Oakland Tribune, Boston Globe, New York Times, Philadelphia Weekly, Seattle Times, Providence Journal, others.
  • Philadelphia Inquirer Op/Ed Page:
  • “Philadelphia’s Poe, Evermore,” October 20, 2012
  • “Her Truth Path Leads to China,” August, 2011
  •  “A Place Where the Past is Still Alive,” December 2005
  • “PSSAs are all about Testing and Nothing about Learning” March 2005
  • “Zero Tolerance, Zero Intelligence,” May 2003
  • “A Plan, Action, and Vaccines a Start in Fighting Bioterror,” February 2002
§  Wall St. Journal MarketWatch:  “The Glass Menagerie in Present-Day China” (2/29/2012)
  • US Fulbright Scholar, Kenya, 2018-2019. Research Topic- "China in Africa:  Labor, Culture, and Legal Disputes in a Baptism of Fire."