James Mabuti Mutua is an aspiring Kenyan Academic. He holds an LL.M in Corporate Law from New York University, School of Law, a Post Graduate Diploma from Kenya School of Law of Law and an LL. B from Moi University. He is passionate about the Interplay between Law and Financial Economics, At NYU, he attended simulation and seminars courses in emerging areas such as Digital Currencies, Blockchains and the Future of Finance, Money and Modern Capitalism, Beyond Behavioral Economics and Sovereign Debt Management and Restructuring Approaches amongst others.

Mabuti’s areas of interest in research focuses on Sovereign Debt Regulation, Boiler Plate Contracts & Indentures, Debt Sustainability, Restructuring and Exits for Sub-Saharan African Countries. He is also keen to explore other areas such as Capital Markets Law (structuring a regulatory framework to enhance the competitiveness of the Financial Markets) Corporate Management and Governance Practices as well Restructuring Approaches for Corporations, Firms & Industries. He is currently working on a paper with Professor James Gathii on Sovereign Debt regulation in Sub-saharan Africa.

Courses Taught

  • Civil Procedure
  • Law of Business Associations
  • Capital Markets Law
  • International Trade Law


Hell Breaks Loose in Mozambique: Is this the beginning of the end of irresponsible Sovereign Borrowing? Or a wakeup call to address Benignity of the International Capital Markets?

Sovereign Debt Regulation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Re-assessing the effectiveness of the Africa’s Debt Regime for Select Countries, With Professor Gathii.


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