Teaching Fellow
M.A (UCT), B.A – Honours (UCT), BA (UoN)

Lucy Mulli has a Masters in International and Comparative Politics, an Honours in Political studies and a BA in Literature and Government.

Starting off as a policy researcher in conflict and security, Lucy transitioned to technical facilitation of high level meetings aimed at identifying a common policy position between different parties. At the NEPAD-Kenya secretariat she organised a regional conference where 3 presidents and one vice presidents attended and Kenya was appointed as the regional secretariat for NEPAD. While at the AMANI forum, Lucy planned the regional parliamentarian forum aimed at adopting a common position on peace and security at the Great Lakes Conference.

Lucy was the manager at the career development office of Strathmore University for 4 years. She identified skills gaps and developed programs to assist students secure internships and employment. Lucy gave strategic direction in creation and running of workshops aimed at imparting of soft skills workshops, career forums and job fairs.

Lucy has worked as a communications consultant including: directing PR videos, generating content and had oversight over website content.

Since 2009 Lucy has taught Great books to undergraduate’s students across various faculties, including: IT, Commerce and Law.

Outside the University context, Lucy runs several book clubs for business executives and young people who are on a leadership track. Through the book clubs Lucy teaches literary appreciation, critical thinking and self leadership lessons.

Lucy’s research interests lie in Aesthetics and research and analysis of youth pop culture in Kenya.

  • Teaching Great Books.
  • Facilitating book discussions.
  • Talent mentoring and development.
  • Strategic communications.
  • Understanding Election Clashes in Kenya, 1992 and 1997 (2000) African Security Review, African Security Review, 9:3,
  • “Security as an issue when addressing refugee crisis” in Confronting challenges of the 21st century (1999) Pugwash conference proceedings Rustenberg - South Africa.