Dr. Melissa Muindi (née Njoroge) is the LLB Program Lead at Strathmore Law School, as well as a trainer at the Strathmore Dispute Resolution Centre (SDRC). She is a certified professional mediator and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Law (Ph.D.) degree from the University of Nairobi. Through her doctoral research, she analyzed the legal regulation of outsourcing triangular employment relationships in Kenya.
She has worked as a Graduate Assistant, Administrator, Examinations Coordinator and Assistant Lecturer at Strathmore Law School. Melissa has also been a lecturer at Riara Law School and Kenyatta University School of Law. She is passionate about teaching and research. Her areas of interest include labour law especially non-standard forms of work, alternative dispute resolution and human rights. She teaches and has taught modules in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Labour Law, Administrative Law, Employee Relations, Law of Torts, Legal Systems and Methods, and Human Rights Law.
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