The Pan-African International Humanitarian Law Moot 2014

Overall Winners of the Moot

Nuremberg Moot Court Competition 2015

Strathmore Law School scooped the best Oralist Award and also was the Overall Winner of the Moot.

All Kenya Moot Court Competition 2015

Overall Winners of the Moot

East African Rounds of the Stetson Environmental Law Moot Competition- 2016

Strathmore Law School was the Overall Winner in the Moot.

The World Human Rights Moot Court Competition 2016

Scooped an award for the best written Memorials.

The National International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition- 2016

Strathmore ranked as the 1st Runners Up

All Kenyan Arbitration Moot Competition-2016

  • Strathmore Law School was the Overall Winners of the Moot.
  • Winning Team Arbitration Category: Patricia Njeru & Mercy Simatwo
  • 1stRunner’s Up Appellate Category: Allan Wang’ang’a, Jeremy Barkley & Ruby Nyaoro
  • Best Male Oralist: Andrew Ojowi
  • Best Team Research Paper: Andrew Ojowi, AnnBeatrice Njarara & Ivy Shiechelo
  • 1stRunner’s Up, Best Researcher: Ivy Shiechelo
  • The winning teams were awarded with paid internships at JMIles & Co. Arbitration, and Kaplan & Stratton Advocates.

Nuremberg Moot Court Competition 2017

Strathmore Law School scooped the best Oralist Award and also was the Overall Winner of the Moot.

The Chinese Arbitration Moot Competition- 2017

Overall Winners of the Moot

Equality Now Moot Court Competition 2016/2017

Overall Winners of the Moot and best Oralist as well.

The African Regional Round of the ELSA Moot Court Competition-2017

Strathmore ranked as the 1st Runners Up

CIPIT Moot Competition 2018

Strathmore were the runners-up in the competition

The 32nd Jean Pictet Competition 2019

Strathmore Law School were Runner’s up in the finals

The 2019 African Regional Round of the John H. Jackson Moot Competition on WTO Law

Strathmore Law School were the winners.

The 2019 International Rounds of the John H. Jackson Moot Competition on WTO Law

Strathmore Law School were the winners and we won Best Oralist awards as well.

The 2019 International Mediation Singapore

Strathmore Law School were the runner’s up in the finals.

The 2019 Foreign Direct Investment Moot Competition – African Rounds

Strathmore Law School were the runner’s up in the finals.

The 2020 GIMC Moot Competition – India

Strathmore Law School were quarter-finalists.

The 2020 African Regional Round of the John H. Jackson Moot Competition on WTO Law

Strathmore Law School were the winners.

The 2020 African Regional Rounds of the SkaddenArps FDI Moot Court

Strathmore Law School were the winners

The 2020 Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Competition

Strathmore won this Moot Competition with SLS taking one of the ten 10 best speakers’ slot in the initial rounds.

The Middle East PreMoot 2021– Strathmore received 3rd place.

    • SLS was one of 2 sub-Saharan schools participating along with University of Nairobi (who unfortunately did not place within the top 10)
    • In the Middle East Pre Moot we attended, out of 40 teams, Strathmore received 3rd place. Additionally, we made it through to the elimination rounds of the competition and 3 of our 4 students won individual awards for their performance in the oral pleadings. Jones Day and the kids are all quite happy. (also FYI – UoN who also participated did not receive these accolades). Fenan Estifanos, Winfred Kiberu. Irene Muhoto and Baraka Wanyanga represented SLS.

The Alexandria University Pre-Moot2021 – Strathmore received 3rd place for this one as well.

        • SLS was the only school from sub-Saharan Africa participating.

Willem C. Vis Moot Competition 2021

    • Overall out of 400 teams, Strathmore received 21st place in the opening & guaranteed 4 rounds. Because of this, we easilymade it to the elimination rounds limited to the top 64 teams.
    • In the elimination rounds, we continued to win. Beating Stetson University from the United States in the round of 64 and beating Saarland University from Germany in the round of 32. Ultimately, we advanced to the round of 16 where we were eliminated. That being said, we represent the only sub-Saharan African school in the history of the moot to ever advance to the round of 16. This is why we have drawn so much attention.
      • To give this some context, Loyola Chicago, Harvard, NYU, Fordham, and Columbia were all participants in this Moot and none of them advanced past the round of 64.
    • Lastly, of the 400 teams and nearly 1600 student oralists, Fenan Estifanos, Irene Muhoro, and Winfed Kiberu won individual awards for being in the top 50 oralists in the entire competition. This is a huge feat.

Equality Now Moot 2021 – Strathmore finished in the Semifinals

    • Elvira Aketch was the second best oralist in the competition

Disability Rights Moot 2021- Strathmore Law School Won

    • 2nd place in Memorials
    • 2nd best team in Preliminary rounds

All Kenya Moot Competition 2021 – Strathmore Law School finished as 1st runners-up

    • Best Respondents Memorial

All Kenya Moot Competition 2022 – Strathmore Law School finished as 1st Runners-up

  • Best Overall Student- Shamiah Muchesia
  • 1st Runners-up team (composed of Shamiah Muchesia and Cherry Makena).
  • 2nd Runners-up team (composed of Christian Wanjero and George Philip).
  • 2nd Runners-up research category (paper by Sheena Kuchio).

National IHL Moot Court Competition 2022- Winning Team

    • Kanyua Waweru (third year), Melissa Ikawa (second year) and Fiona Waweru (first year)
    • Melissa Ikawa – Best Oralist

CIArb Moot 2022 – Winning Team

    • Best Oralist – Cherry Makena
    • Best Respondent Memorial
    • Best Claimant Memorial

Skadden FDI Moot Court Competition 2022

4th/80 Competing teams (Reached round of 16)

Africa in the Moot Pre-Moot 2022

    • Dest Oralist – Elvira Akech
    • 2nd Runners-up Best Oralist – Sanjana Ragu
    • 1st Runners-up Best Team – SLS

The Vis Middle East (MENA) Pre-Moot 2022

    • Distinguished student Award on the Merits – Sanjana Ragu
    • Best Claimant Oralist – David Omondi
    • Honorable Mention for Claimant Oralists – Akech Elvira and Sanjana Ragu
    • 1st Runners Up Best Memorial for Respondent – SLS

The 13th Breakfast Rounds Pre-Moot 2022

1st Runners-up Best Oralist – Akech Elvira

Willem C Vis Moot 2022

    • Position 29/365
    • Honorable Mention for the Eric E. Bergsten Award for Best Team Orals
    • Honorable Mention for the Martin Domke Honorable Mention for Best oralist – David Omondi

John H Jackson Moot Court Competition 2023

  • Amelia Midwa, Glory K’Obonyo and Vicky Miriti won best team in the African rounds :
  • Amelia – Best oralist preliminaries;
  • Glory – Best oralist semis;
  • Vicky – Best oralist finals

All Kenya Moot Competition 2023

    • Emmanuel Macharia – Best Oralist
    • Emmanuel Macharia and Ahmed Parpia – Best Petitioner Memorial

African Model Committee Moot Competition on the Rights and Welfare of the Child Moot competition 2023

    • 1st Runners-Up
    • Best male Delegate of the competition – Johny Katheka
    • Best Female delegate of the competition- Sheena Kuchio.
    • Best Team in the Semi-Finals (Honorable Mention) 
    • Best overall team in the preliminary rounds.

John H. Jackson Moot Court 2023 (International Rounds)

    • The team placed in the Top 8 out of all competing teams.
    • also won best oralist in the preliminary rounds
    • Glory K’Obonyo also won the Van Bael and Bellis award.

 2023 Alfred Deakin ICA Moot

  • The team placed 3rd place in the preliminary rounds.
  • Lulu Sorobit was the 4th best oralist in the entire competition.
  • The team ultimately advanced to the quarter finals of the competition.

2023 Nuremberg Moot Court Competition

  • Strathmore emerged as the winning team
  • Fiona Mwaura won the Second Best Speaker award


Team members: Emmanuel Macharia, Fiona Mwaura, Peter Muindi and Johny Kitheka
  1. Best Respondent Memorial Award – Strathmore University
  2. Best Combined Memorials – Strathmore University
  3. Best Oralist – Emmanuel Macharia, Strathmore University
  4. Runners Up Award – Strathmore University


3rd Annual East Africa Pre Moot 2024

Team: Tabitha Munyaka, Melissa Bertilla, Albert Macharia, Melissa Ikawa, Ahmad Parpia, and Sincere Shem. 
  • Runner-Up Team – Strathmore University
  • Best Oralist – Sincere Shem
  • 1st Runner-Up Best Oralist – Albert Macharia

John H Jackson Moot Competition  2024

Team: Alex Kiwara, MarkLenny Gitau and Wayne Simwa
  • African Regional Rounds Winner – Strathmore Law School
  • Best Overall Written Submissions – Strathmore Law School
  • Best Respondent Submission – Strathmore Law School
  • Best Oralist in the Final Round – Alex Kiwara (Strathmore Law School)


Strathmore Law School – 1st Runner-Up
Best Orator in the Semi-Finals – Mark Lenny Gitau
Best Orator of the Grand Final – Alex Kiwara Irungu


IBA-ICC Moot Competition 2024

Team: Johny Kitheka, Michelle Adika and Albert Macharia
Notably, SLS is now the 1st African team ever to reach the Competition’s finals (or Semis).

•⁠  ⁠Michelle Adika → 2nd Runners-up Victims Counsel (Speaker Award)
•⁠  ⁠Johny Kitheka → 1st Runners-up Defence Counsel (Speaker Award)
•⁠  ⁠Best Regional Team (Africa)
•⁠  ⁠2nd Runner-Up Best Defence Counsel Team.
From the finals, SLS scooped the following awards:
  • Best Overall Speaker in the Finals – Albert Macharia
  • 1st Runner’s Up Team – Strathmore Law School