Strathmore Law School (SLS) is one of the constituent schools of Strathmore University (SU), a leading non-profit private university in Kenya, which aims at serving the Kenyan society to the best of its ability. SU holds a peerless reputation for quality in academic and professional education as well as personal formation and research.

The idea of a top-notch law school in Kenya was incubated at SU in 2004 when several young legal scholars were sponsored to do their postgraduate degrees in law at some of the most prestigious law schools in the world. The dream became a reality when SLS was officially launched on 28 April 2012. SLS boasts an exciting combination of local and foreign legal scholars, advocates and legal experts who provide each student with the practical and analytical skills needed to transform society from within.

SLS has grown tremendously over the last ten years since its inception. It has managed to win major moot competitions around the world. Notable among these include the 17th John H. Jackson Moot Competition, Nuremburg Moot Competition, World Human Rights Moot Competition (in two different years), International Commercial Arbitration Moot, ICRC Moot Competition etc. This underscores our mission of providing a supportive learning environment that inspires innovative and critical thinking, promoting ground-breaking research, actively pursuing justice, and nurturing virtuous leaders.

SLS’ vision is to be a centre renowned for excellence in legal education and research, guided by a commitment to pursue justice, to cultivate lawyers of professional competence and moral conviction, and to be the region’s hub for change agents. This has been a work in progress in various ways. SLS publishes the Strathmore Law Journal, a peer reviewed journal that publishes scholarly contributions on topical aspects of African law and the law in Africa. In its early years, the journal has received wide accolades and acknowledgement for knowledge development in Africa and beyond. SLS also publishes Strathmore Law Review, an annual peer-reviewed, student-edited academic law journal.This has been one of our major successes as our students have presented papers in international and regional courses and have also been knowledge pioneers amongst their peers in Kenya and beyond.

SLS is founded upon the values of excellence, justice, societal leadership and innovation. This is exhibited by its unique approach to legal education. Our studies are not only class oriented and we tend to develop new ways to make legal education fun. Apart from the moot competitions, we also conduct some classes through an amazing race activity in one of the forests in Kenya. In this instance we have students in their firms (group divisions in classes for group work), moving from checkpoint to checkpoint answering questions in a topic in a course. This has enabled us to have all students get engaged and have fun while studying. We have also had other activities like ‘Who’s smarter now?’ A question-and-answer activity for specific courses but also for general legal knowledge. This has also enabled us to innovate learning outside the classroom.

SLS has established a group of vibrant forward-thinking research centres which are sector specific. These can be found here . These centres are the foundation upon which our Masters programme is hoisted on as can be seen here . This approach has set us apart from other institutions around the region.

Further, SLS also has various exchanges with universities, international institutions and firms around the world. This is to enable our students and staff members to gain exposure and engage with legal education beyond the classrooms in SLS. This has helped broaden our horizon and the ambitions of our students and staff members therein.


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We have exchanges with institutions in Europe, Africa and East Asia. These include:

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These partnerships have helped us expand the opportunities for our Institution and students as well. We also have an academic trip for our students in their third year of law school. This academic trip is aimed at making learning more interesting and out of the class as well. We visit institutions in Europe, notable, the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights, the European Parliament etc. This trip helps the students put theory into practice and to interact with the law in person through attending hearings in the courts and meeting the judges and prosecutors of these courts.

SLS also has various governmental and local partnerships. We have the Microsoft and digital transformation as linked to justice i.e. efficient, transparent and accountable processes, but also access to justice. Also, major local law firms, and regional firms/legal partnerships. We also have public sector engagement including independent offices and the (central) government. These all point to an understanding on how society works and recognition for the roles played by different stakeholders.

We also have the legal aid clinics through which our students go to prisons and give legal advice to prisoners and also under the tutelage of our lecturers who are also Advocates, engage in pro bono legal duty so as to ensure access to justice to those who cannot afford the legal costs. Furthermore, we have programmes for our students at the turn of each year. When they finish their first year, they have to undertake 250 hours of community service. After their second year they have to undertake a judicial attachment where they are attached to courts around the country and they get to see how the judicial system works in Kenya. After their third year, they have to undertake an industrial attachment where they have to work in a law firm for 6 weeks so as to get a feel of the law in motion and in practice.

These virtues of SLS among others, have set us apart not only in Kenya and in East Africa. We aim to keep growing and scaling the heights in the legal education sector in and beyond our borders and to nurture all rounded students therein.

Some of the elaborate explanations of what SLS is involved in are highlighted below:


In all these SLS aims to ensure that through the partnerships and activities we are involved they are aimed at ensuring the full student experience and development as we aim to live to our mission of achieving legal excellence by providing a supportive learning environment that inspires innovative and critical thinking, promoting groundbreaking research, actively pursuing justice, and nurturing virtuous leaders.

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