Students and Students’ Affairs

SLS admits some of the best students from around Kenya, the region and the globe. Our admitted students are expected to possess the intellectual and personal capabilities to pursue legal excellence. Since the inception of SLS, students from different schooling systems within and outside the country are admitted to the LL. B programme. This has created a great diversity of students with a variety of experiences and exposure. We also offer scholarships to students who could otherwise not afford the cost of study at SLS. We maintain a single admission cycle and keep the student to lecturer ratio at about 1:12. At the same time, we seek to expand our facilities to enable a better learning environment.

University Admission Requirements

The University admission requirements for the law degree shall be guided by the Legal Education Act and its subsidiary legislation. Additionally, the University may from time to time make additional requirements of higher standards as it may be approved by the Dean of Law in consultation with the Director of Admissions. These standards shall be published to all candidates.

Law School Admission Test

Students who wish to do any of the degree courses on offer at the University are required to sit an entrance examination which includes written tests in reading, comprehension, reasoning and writing as well as an oral interview over and above the KCSE academic qualifications.

The rationale for these additional requirements is that the University offers an all-round education that goes beyond the imparting of academic skills. The law school admission test provides both the law school and the prospective student an opportunity to explain and understand respectively the scope of the education offered. This process further ensures that the prospective students understand the ethos of Strathmore and are willing to pursue their studies in this environment.

Procedure of application for admission to the University

Enquiries on courses offered are addressed to the Admissions department. Enquiries could be in either of the following modes: in person, website, telephone or e-mail.

Depending on what the applicant is enquiring about, the following responses are given:

If an applicant has his/her or has enclosed his/her result slip and/or has indicated the results and meets the minimum qualifications of the course s/he is applying for, s/he is asked to sit the entrance exam and attend an interview, or an interview invitation letter is sent indicating when the course commences, interview dates and time and a brochure is enclosed or issued.

The applicant is asked to bring the following:

  1. Three passport size photographs
  2. Original and a photocopy of all relevant academic certificates
  3. School Leaving Certificate
  4. Interview fee (as indicated in the current fee structure)
  5. Copy of the Birth Certificate or National ID or Passport

Mode of Delivery

To achieve this, the teaching methodologies will include: Interactive lectures, Seminar discussions, tutorials, case studies, Case method, library research, clinical teaching and simulations, presentations, mooting and role plays.

Application Form

The application process for the 2024 July Intake of the Bachelor of Laws degree is closed and no more applications will be considered. Kindly watch out for our 2025 intake.