Frequently Asked Questions

The University is continually monitoring the situation in the country and observing ongoing government directives. We are keen on ensuring that our students and staff members remain safe. This page answers questions that you may have regarding University teaching and learning arrangements as well as healthcare procedures to be observed during this period.

Yes, SLS has gained full accreditation for its LL.B Programme. SLS is one of the two Law Schools in Kenya to have been fully accredited by CLE.
Kshs. 220,000 per semester. There are two semesters in one year (Kshs 440,000 per year) or Kshs 1.76 million for the whole 4-year course.
Lectures, course material, laptop computer, academic trip abroad.
No, you don’t. It is already included in the fees.
No, you don’t. It is already included in the fees.
The academic trip will be to a prestigious European university. We have possible academic agreements with Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland. The trip will take place at the end of 2nd year, after the clinicals so that students are already conversant with law subjects and may fully benefit from the exchange.
No, you need to sit the exam at Strathmore Law School and attend a personal interview.
There are scholarships available for top and needy students, who have scored an average “A” in the KCSE. The University has also identified possible sources of funding for students seeking resources to finance their undergraduate education. The sources can help pay for tuition and fees, books and supplies, and living expenses. Since the university has limited resources to provide scholarships to the many students who deserve, it tries to assist students get alternative sources of resources to finance their education. Our ideal is that no deserving student should fail to get a place in the University owing to lack of financial means; the University has, therefore, over the years sought the assistance of private and public institutions, as well as individuals, to contribute to the bursary scheme.
Strathmore University in collaboration with the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) has established a Student Loan Scheme. This loan facility has been setup so that parents or sponsor can borrow money from CBA in order to pay fees. The University will issue applicants with a loan recommendation and a loan repayment schedule form through the credit controller’s office. Applicants will then fill in standard loan application forms at the bank for evaluation by the bank and upon approval get the loan facility. The loan facility is meant for parents and sponsors who wish to pay the full semester fees at the beginning of the semester or the full fees for the academic year. Interest charges will be fixed in the year in which the loan will be applied and granted. Currently, the interest rate is at 1% per month repayable over a maximum period of 12 months. Those who have obtained University authority to pay fees by instalments will pay the fees subject to an instalment levy of 1.5% per month. For further information go to
Strathmore University is situated on Ole Sangale Road, off Langata Road, in Madaraka Estate. If using public transport, take matatu number 14A, which leaves town from Bus Station and goes directly to the entrance of Strathmore University (the last stop).